The Number Of Cells In An Average-sized Adult Human Is On The Order Of 10^14 Cells. Use This Information, (2023)

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Answer 1

Number of cells:
DNA lenght:
Distance from Earth to Sun:

a)Over how many miles would the total DNA from the average human stretch?
The answer is product of multiplication of the number of cells (C) and the DNA length (D):
Total DNA:

The total DNA from the average human will stretch

b)How many times would the total DNA from the average human stretch from Earth to the Sun and back?
The answer is concluded from the ratio of the total DNA length (T) and the twice(because of stretch to the Sun and back, thus, two directions) ofdistance fromEarthto the Sun (ES) and :

⇒[tex]R = 667.7
Thus, 667,7 times will thetotal DNA from the average human stretch from Earth to the Sun and back.

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What are the chromosome numbers of daughter cells in mitosis and meiosis


The numbers are 2 of them

If you drink a soda with sugar, what happens to your blood glucagon levels?


Your blood glucagon level goes up

If a DNA template strand has a sequence of 3' TACAATGTAGCC 5', then the RNA produced from it will be which sequence? A.) 3' AUGUUACAUCGG 5'. B.) 3' TACAATGTAGCC 5' C.) 3' ATGTTACATCGG 5'. D.) 5' AUGUUACAUCGG 3' E.) 5' ATGTTACATCGG 3'


DNA is the nucleotides, which encode the genetic information and is transmitted to daughter cells through a series of cellular events.

What are the Complementary and Template Strand of DNA?

  • Complementary Strands of the DNA are those strand, which is not used in the replication process, and are also referred to as antisense or nonsense strand.
  • Template strands are those trends that are used to decode the information and are then transcribed into a strand of RNA.
  • The complementary sequence of the template strand having genetic code 3' TACAATGTAGCC 5' is 3' AUGUUACAUCGG 5'.

Thus, the RNA molecule replaces thymine with uracil while translating the genetic code.

Learn more about DNA here:

It's either A or D.

if a neuron had a mutation that prevented the production of voltage gated Na+ channels, what function would the neuron NOT be able to accomplish?


The answer is generation and propagation of action potential.

Na+ channels are important forgeneration and propagation of action potential.In normal neurons, when neurons hit threshold and action potential is triggered, the Na+ channels open and Na+ ions enter the neuron. After the depolarization of membrane, Na+ channels inactivate. Thus, without Na+ channels, neurons would not be able to depolarizeand consequently, the action potential would not be generated.

Which of the following statements is true? a.People rarely adapt to stress over time.
b.Stress is inevitable
c.Most people would rather have their stresses of today than those of five years ago.
d.There is little we can actively do about stress except to endure it


B, because in all truth and honesty, stress is truly inevitable. Also, use process of elimination. I hoped that helped :)

Imagine a situation in which the number of urea leak channels increased dramatically in the ascending limb of the loop of Henle. What could be one likely consequence of this situation?


The correct answer for the question that is being presented above is this one: "B.Aldosterone-regulated Na+pump activity would increase dramatically to stabilize the osmotic concentration gradient."

Here are the following choices:
A.The final urine output would increase greatly because of the increase in ADH-regulated water reabsorption.
B.Aldosterone-regulated Na+pump activity would increase dramatically to stabilize the osmotic concentration gradient.
C.The increased solute concentration in the vasa recta would stimulate additional water reabsorption.
D.The concentration gradient of the renal medulla would remain unaffected.

The chorionic villi of the placenta develop a series of capillaries that are immersed in lacunae of the mother's blood for exchange into the embryo's blood during placentation. True or False


This statement is true. The chorionic villi of the placenta develop a series of capillaries that are immersed in lacunae of the mother's blood for exchange into embryo's blood during placentation. The chorionic villi provide space for the exchange of maternalblood of the mother and the embryo.

A patient received a new heart transplant, but shows signs of graft rejection after 2 weeks. Which type of hypersensitivity reaction is in progress?" a) Type I
b) Type II
c) Type III
d) Type IV
Please explain why it wouldnt be the other choices


The answer isd) Type IV.

Hypersensitivity reactions are undesirable reactions of animmune system. There are 4 types of hypersensitivity reactions with different response times:
- Type I: Anaphylactic - The response time is few minutes up to 30 minutes.
- Type II: Cytotoxic - The response time is up to few hours.
- Type III: Immune Complex - The response time is 3-8 hours.
- Type IV: Delayed-type - The response time is 2-3 days or more.
Since all types except Type IV have ashort response time, it can be concluded that graft rejection after 2 weeks could belong only to Type IV of hypersensitivity.

During a cesarean section, an incision is made through all EXCEPT which of the following? A)linea alba B)perimetrium C)superficial fascia D)decidua basalis


The correct answer is D. Decidua basalis.

In a ceaserian section, an incision can be through the superficialfascia, perimetrium, and Alinea alba. An incision cannot be made through decidua basalis.
Decidua is termed as the uterine lining which during pregnancy forms part of the placenta under the influence of progesterone. Decidua basalis is part of decidua which interacts with trophoblast. Decidua basalis has three layers which include;
1. Boundary layer which is adjacent to myotrium2. Intermediate layer.
3. Compact layer.


Decidua basalis


A cesarian section is a surgery performed to deliver a baby.

During the procedure, the incisions are made in the regions of the abdomen and the uterus.

Decidua basalis is defined as the region which is a part of decidua that interacts with the trophoblast.

It is the maternal portion where implantation takes place.

During the c-section no incision is made in decidua basalis however if by mistake it gets damaged then it can lead to some discomfort and problems post delivery.

Sharp pain is transmitted through which type of nerve fibers?


Pain messages travel along the peripheral nervous system until they reach thespinal cord.

Describe two ways in which bacteria and the fungus Penicillium are similar? Describe two ways in which bacteria and the fungus Penicillium are different?


Bacteria and fungi share only a few similarities. Both arecells and microscopic. Both the bacteria and fungi also has a cell wall and a cell membrane. However, these two cells are very much different with respect to each other in many ways. Bacteria, in terms of the cell wall, has a soft cell wall in which the main component is peptidoglycan while for fungi their cell wall is mostly made up of chitin which makes it hard. Bacteria grows by binary fission while fungi grows through branching and elongation.Penicillium is a genus of a fungi with a major role in antibiotic production. Therefore Penicillium share the same characteristics with fungi.

a brown dog is crossed with two different black dogs. The first cross produced only black dogs and the second cross produces equal numbers of black and brown dogs. What is the genotype of the brown dog? the first black dog? the second black dog?


B: brown
brown dog:bb
First black dog: BB
Second black dog: Bb

Black is dominant


black is op


Compare and contrast immune tolerance with licensing


Immune tolerance is the lack of capacity to increase the reaction to antigens. The tolerance can either be natural or “self” tolerance. On the other hand, licensing is a kind of protein that lets replication for cells. They usually happen with eukaryotic cells and they begin with the replication of DNA.

What is the effect of using scaffold proteins on precision and amplification capacity in cell signaling?


The correct answer for the question that is being presented above is this one: "C. Precision is compromised, but amplification is improved."

Here are the following choices:

A.Both precision and amplification are improvedB. Precision is improved, but amplification is limitedC. Precision is compromised, but amplification is improved.D. Both precision and amplification are limited.

· Heart muscle receives its oxygen and nutrient supply from o atria
o ventricles
o aorta
o pulmonary veins
o coronary arteries
· The "cushion" between bones in joints is
o tendons
o cartilage
o ligaments
o fibroblasts
· Muscle spindles
o help muscle fibers coil
o pull bonds across joints
o sense contraction levels
o 3
· Valves in the circulatory system prevent
o unnecessary entry of blood
o backwards flow of blood
o too much downstream pressure
· A double circulatory system is important for
o large animals
o fast metabolism
o an emergency backup
· The spleen
o filters blood
o contains a reserve of red blood cells
o forms white blood cells
· Cardiac muscle is connected by
o tendons
o intercalated disks
o connective tissue
o ligaments
o 2
· The respiratory surface must exchange ____ with the environment
o oxygen and CO2
o nutrients and waste
o water and plasma
· Nervous system input increases the ______ of heartbeat
o strength
o rate
o duration
o all of these
· Fluid within tissues is
o lymph
o plasma
o interstitial


Hello, HanieManuelym!

Heart muscle receives its oxygen and nutrient supply from pulmonary veins.
The "cushion" between bones in joints iscartilage.
Muscle spindles sense contraction levels.
Valves in the circulatory system prevent backwards flow of blood.
A double circulatory system is important forfast metabolism.
The spleen filters blood.
Cardiac muscle is connected by connective tissue.
The respiratory surface must exchange oxygen and CO2with the environment.
Nervous system input increases the strength, rate, and durationof heartbeat
Fluid within tissues isinterstitial.

Hope this helps :)

Can organisms naturally repair a mutation?


Yes, repair mechanisms are used to do so.

in dogs, wire hair (S) is dominant to smooth (s). Cross of a homozygous wire-haired dog with a smooth-haired dog and show the genotypic and phenotypic ratios.


You need to create a table like the one below and show that, if crossed, these two dogs would create 100% wire-haired dogs, but with smooth genotype. They will be heterozygous wire-haired, because the wire hair dominates over the smooth hair.

s s
S Ss Ss
S Ss Ss

The genotype is the genes you can't see, and phenotype is what you can see. So some traits can just be in your genotype, so you don't have them but your children can get them. If there are two different traits in your genes the dominant ones will win and will be the ones you see. There needs to be two recessive genes for that gene to win. I hope this was clear. It's a little complicated!

What came first the chicken or the egg


To be, or not to be, that is the question.


The egg


Another animal had a egg and it evolved into a chicken egg when it cracked it had a baby chicken.

Fill in the chart below. Please use the phrase ‘almost none’ for the lower two rows if it applies.


You have to show a picture of the chart in order for me to answer your question.

What hormones are related to sodium balance?


The amount of sodium in the blood is controlled by the hormone aldosterone, secreted by the cortex of the adrenal gland (suprarenal).

hope this helps!

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